5 Common Questions about Product School’s Product Management Certificate Course

Abhilash Marichi
3 min readNov 14, 2021
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In Jan 2021, I published a video about my review of the Product Management Certificate Course by Product School and from then people have reached out to me asking various questions about the course and I have tried to answer as much as possible.

I saw a common pattern across all the questions and thought that it could be helpful to many if I consolidate the questions together and answer them in one place and here it is —

1. Would this course help someone who has no product management experience or any sort of experience in the tech world?

Yes, this course is designed for beginners and you do not need any prior product management experience.

Product Managers need not be fully experienced in the tech world and not all product management jobs need in-depth technical understanding. But having experience in the field you are looking for a job always adds value to your resume.

2. Is the course worth spending $4500 (~INR 3.2 Lakhs)

It depends on every individual and what they are looking for. In my case, I valued learning from a real mentor who has had experience working as a Product Manager, and also the network I got through the course is amazing and with these, I felt my money was worth it.

But if you are just starting out and if this is not in your budget, then there are a lot of free resources. Product School does free live streams almost every day and you can follow them on LinkedIn, YouTube, etc and you get to learn a lot from these sessions and there are a lot of other free materials you can get if you just google it. Also, reading as many books as possible on product management helps a lot.

3. Do you get a high-paying product manager job after you do this course?

The course does not promise to get you a job but they would prepare you for getting a job or if you trying to get promoted to a product manager position in your current company.

Product School has its job portal where it lists multiple open positions that you could apply for and also they do job fairs where you get to talk to recruiters directly and apply for the open positions and entry is free for students and alumni.

In my class of 18, about 5 got a new job, and most of the others were trying to get promoted as Product Managers in their current company.

Getting a job has many factors to it and it all depends on the individual and the available opportunity.

4. Does the certificate add value to your resume?

Do not expect to be called for an interview just by adding this certificate to your resume. The certificate will only support all the other product management-related experience you have and also shows the recruiters that you are serious about Product Management and you have invested time and effort towards it.

Also remember, the first round of short-listing is usually done by bots and not by real humans if you apply directly and it factors in everything.

5. Can a student or working professional or fresh out of college apply for this course?

Yes. You can apply for this course and there is no entrance exam. If you are looking to become a product manager or want to learn about product management. It’s a great place for it.

These were the top 5 questions I have been asked and I hope this post has helped you with some answers to your questions. I wish you all the best in your next step.



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