The Currency of Life

Abhilash Marichi
3 min readDec 12, 2020


Not so long ago, about 50 years back, you did not exist and in another 50 years in the future might not exist, and today, when you exist, you do not know who you are? Why you are here? and What exactly you need to do here? and Why good and bad things happen?

When anyone is asked these fundamental questions, the first thing they do is to run to the comfort of Religion or some Guru or some Leader’s comforting answer that can give them psychological solace.

It is very few that would dare to step out of their comfort zone and try to see life, face to face.

Life wakes everyone up at some point and when it happens, when the questions go unanswered and when the fundamental logic or the foundation you built your entire life falls apart, then that is the biggest opportunity of your life to open your eyes and observe your life.

Life woke me up in installments over the years and here are the few things I dived deep into.

Everyone is going to die.

No matter who you are. No matter if you are the strongest, smartest person. You will still die. Whether you achieve your goals or not, you will still die. Whether you live a happy life or miserable life you will still die. It is so evident, and everyone knows it. But every single day, we live as if we are going to stay here forever. We plan for things as if we are going to be here forever.

When you usually go on a trip, you carry some money with you or budget some money for the trip and you will have to come back home before your pocket is empty.

Time is the currency

You are born with some time in your hand, the catch is, you do not know how much you have. You can do a fair guess but, it may not always work. All you might have is this moment.

But yeah, think of it, how many ever days you might have lived, you have always lived in this moment, not in the previous moment, nor in the next moment, it is just this moment.

All you have got is, “this moment” which is also called “time”, and that is the currency you have but you cannot just use all of it, you need something else too.

Energy — that runs your life

If you have a lot of time but you have too little energy then that time becomes meaningless. It is like you have a debit card with lots of cash in it but you have forgotten the password to withdraw the money.

Energy is the key to time, it is the secret pin, that can open time for you. In other words, it the key to your life.

Ensure, you do things that can enhance your energy.

Doing things that deteriorate your energy levels is anti-life.

Once these two points of the triangle are fixed the third and final one could make it eternally stable.


Being deeply involved whenever you use your time and energy makes you stable in this unknown territory of life that you landed without any prior knowledge. Involving totally, not because you expect a result, but because you are using your two most important aspects of your life is the way to live.

Involvement leads to all kinds of material pleasures without the fear or anxiety in it.

Be so much involved with life that even when the moment of last breath comes, you take that breath with total involvement.

Take a deep breath and get involved with this step of your life right now.




Abhilash Marichi

Data Engineer at Amazon. I write about Data, Product & Life.