Did Product School's— Product Management Certificate help me land a job?

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One of the common questions people have asked me about the Product Management Certificate Course is “Do you get a high-paying job after completing the course?”

I cannot answer this with a simple Yes or No. But let me try to answer it.

When I spoke to Product School before joining the course with the same question they said that Product School does not guarantee a job but about 70% to 80% of the candidates who take the course would either find a new job or get promoted in their current company. I am not really sure about these numbers though.

In my batch, I saw roughly about 40% getting a new job and another 30% getting a promotion within 6–8 months of completing the course. Please note this is a rough estimate on top of my mind.

With full confidence, I can only share what happened with me!

First, when I did the course I was working towards a promotion but after taking the course and applying product management strategy to my career plan 😊 I changed my path. I felt I do not want to become a Product Manager right away but I wanted to spend some more time in the technical role that I really enjoy doing.

Close to about 11 months after the course, I changed my job and joined Amazon as a Data Engineer.

So you might be wondering if the course helped me to change the job or not?

The answer is Yes, it helped me. I redefined my career goal because I applied what I learned.

It also helped me to crack product-related interview questions. I was able to talk more structurally and with confidence.

Would the course help ‘you’ in getting a job or getting a promotion?

This is a question that I cannot answer at all because I do not know you and your skills and your aspirations. This is something that you have to do yourself.

I hope this short post has answered your question or at least prompted you to look deeper for the answer!

Bye! Meet you in the next one.



Data Engineer at Amazon. I write about Data, Product & Life.

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