Overcoming fear of what others think and publishing your work to the world!

Start with Why?

Let’s say you want to write a blog, ask yourself why do you want to do that? Are you writing to express your feeling? Are you writing anything that you learned that could help others? Are you writing to entertain? or want to give out a message to society?

Allow yourself to make mistakes in the beginning

Many do not even start their work, just because they want to make it perfect even before starting. Start as an amateur, enjoy the process!

Every Pro was a Beginner once

If anyone insults you for your work, in the beginning, it would be mostly the one who has never even tried to do the work that you are doing. I have observed it my entire life. Usually, a Pro will understand the beginner and usually give guidance and constructive criticism.

Enjoy the journey, you will be a beginner only once!

Every time you work and publish it to the world you will take one step closer to becoming a pro. If you just keep thinking in your head and never put out any work, then you will always be a beginner but if you start putting your work out to the world, the phase of being a beginner is going to be very small, you will soon become better than many beginners who started later than you!



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Abhilash Marichi

Abhilash Marichi

Data Engineer at Amazon. I write about Data, Product & Life.