Why do I create content on the web?

Abhilash Marichi
3 min readJan 2, 2022
Abhilash Marichi

Sometime in 2019, I noticed deeply that there is too much toxic content on the web, and out of all the content, I felt the most powerful ones are photos and videos and I spent enough time thinking about the ways to stop the toxic content on the web.

The first approach was to fight it head-on and to clean it from the root, but as I spent more and more time thinking about it, I realized that the better approach to overcome the negative and toxic content is to contribute to the positive content pool.

The web could become the biggest democracy, though it’s skewed as of now, every tiny bit of positive content contributes to make it better.

So I started doing whatever possible from my end to put out positive and helpful content in the form of blog posts and videos.

  • For me, positive content is something that can help the viewer in some way, even if I am helping the viewer just 1% is still progress, but going forward, I am trying to build content that can help the viewer to the maximum extent possible. It’s going to be tough and requires a lot of effort but I believe it’s worth it.
  • I spend a good amount of time regularly learning about data and products and a lot of my friends say that I can explain the concepts well in simple terms, so I thought, if I make videos, it can help more people. So I make videos talking about what I have learned and experienced.

This is my simple content strategy!

I would also want more and more people to spend time creating positive and helpful content on the web in any form possible and that would help even more people who consume.

Think of it, if you make positive content, and let’s say you spend 1 hour creating a 5 mins content every week then you would have spent 52 hours of your time in the year creating content and even if 15 people spend about 5 mins on each of your content then it’s around 65 hours of the positive impact that you have created in somebody’s life. A simple effort from you can create about 100+ hours (52 yours + 65 others = 117 hours) of positive impact in a year without much of a hassle. Imagine if 15 of my friends who are reading this, who have never created content, started creating! then it could be 1500+ hours of impact and the positive impact can snowball over time.

Imagine the world with positive and supportive people around. That would be a much better place to live in!

I believe that human energy and time must be spent on stuff that is good for the head, heart, and environment!

The goal of my content creation journey is to produce some positive stuff for the internet. Even if I make a tiny bit of contribution that’s a win.

If you are watching this, I urge you to create some form of positive content this year — like — writing a blog, making a video, posting something positive on social media, or just contributing in any form possible. Share your life experience and learnings with the world.

I wish you a happy very new year and let’s step into a more positive and supportive world together!

Thank You!

Bye, meet you in the next one!



Abhilash Marichi

Data Engineer at Amazon. I write about Data, Product & Life.